Pronov8 automating processes

Whether you work in manufacturing or field operations Pronv8 can help you automate your paper processes and go a step further!!

This is a typical inspection process for a liquid nitrogen storage compound. It’s a paper form filled out daily. Results have to be keyed into a database. Its administrative, not real-time and little or no action taken on the results. The paper process has been removed and replaced with a mobile app that provides live KPI reports on a laptop or mobile device.

If process parameters are breached a new workflow is automatically created that sends an action to the person who needs to fix the problem and a closed loop system in place with automated escalations if necessary. Next steps are replacing manual reading of Nitrogen levels with an IoT sensor connected directly to the dashboard and mobile devices that trigger automated workflows. If parts need to be replaced an automated signal will be sent to ERP to create the order.

Pronov8 can support you with your end-to-end digital transformation. Creating your end state vision and starting with a low cost proof of concept like this example. Contact us at #digitaltransformation #lean #continuousimprovement #pronov8 

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