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Pronov8 meaning:

‘Pro’ : Professional, Advantage, Move forward |  ‘Nova’ : Make New, inspire,
is a company formed by Engineers with extensive experience in Blue Chip manufacturing and Utility Services industry who are now bringing integrated hardware and software solutions to multiple industries

Here's What We Do Better

Over several years we installed high volume production lines, $500M of automated equipment in over 20K m² of factory space around the world. As we built each line we focused on driving over 12 fold productivity improvements during this period.

This was primarily achieved through labour productivity tools & methods and automated machine learning to predict and address potential equipment failures before they happened. These lines were installed in new and existing factories in several continents across the world
Dell have a long tradition of lean & continuous improvement. We trained global factory teams and implemented continuous improvement programs ensuring all factories contributed and shared the gains. In partnership with Enterprise Ireland we setup a lean program at Actavo across all business units delivering yellow and green belt training for employees at all levels.
To achieve certification each participant completed classroom training and an improvement project related to their business area, delivering value to the business.
Lean continues to be an integral part of our DNA. We have seen many software companies selling solutions without understanding the business needs. We start with business requirements and in partnership take each customer on a journey that is easy to follow and delivers results

In 2013 we setup a new Factory in Chengdu China to supply Desktop PCs globally for build to order and build to stock customers.

This involved setting up a new, green field, high volume factory, that spanned across almost all functional areas within the company. Shipping supply routes had to be setup, IT infrastructure and software, production lines, upskilling local labour, re-directly sales channels across US and Europe among many other activities.

The factory was built and operational within 6 months and continues to supply global demand today
Within Actavo we spent several years providing refinery support services to several sites across UK and Ireland. These processes were mostly paper and excel based. We engaged with software solutions companies with limited success as they didn’t understand the issues we were trying to solve and the challenge of change management in an industry that managed work the same way for decades.
Given our background in lean, hi-tech manufacturing and software we started to develop our own solutions where supervisors used apps on mobile devices to provide live process performance and manpower updates. We gradually turned these process paperless including an Events business we implemented Oracle-NetSuite from enquiry through to payment and every process step in between
In 2015 we took the solutions implemented in Oil & Gas and brought them to a UK Navy Warship refurbishment contract. Here we implemented several paperless processes that managed a site labour force of 450 employees.
This included asset management, a biometric system linked to tablets, designed by us, used by the Supervisors on ships to provide live progress updates and without the need of paper processes.
In April 2018 we presented how we integrated these solutions at the Oracle-NetSuite SuiteWorld conference in Las Vegas. We continue to develop these solutions today at Pronov8 where we are now integrating our own IoT asset tracking devices to provide intelligent data analytics

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