Mobilising Your Workstation

Revolutionise your working environment with mobile workstations designed and built to your exact specifications In many business environments, efficiency and speed are essential: workers need to have access to cutting-edge technology offering a combination of high-performance & convenience.

Mobilising Your Workstation –

Revolutionise your work environment with mobile workstations designed and built to your exact specifications

We specifically designed our units for manufacturing and industrial environments. Mobile power run time options 6 hours or 12 hours.

Constructed of powder coated steel. Electronic height adjust. Clean room approved compact resin counter top. Secure locking PC box. Multiple screen arrays available for MES / SOP Single or Double screen, LED battery charge indicator, Keyboard drawer. Full Large printer option for dock doors goods IN / OUT.

We also sell a non powered cable version for portability but mainly stationary in build cells. We decided to manufacture our own powered cart products cutting out the middleperson. Ultimately the customer is the winner with a very competitive price and dealing with people whom know the product intimately. Plus we are in country for immediate support.


• Multi-screen capabilities with twin-screening applications
• Printing, scanning, ERP or RFID on the move
• MES, ERP, EBR, and SOP whenever & wherever needed
• Use ERP, SAP, and ORACLE on a large screen for greater convenience
• Limitless configurations due to our modular designs


• Eliminates the need to install and maintain underused fixed workstations
• Reduces wasted time spent returning to fixed workstations when checking data
• Full Wi-Fi connectivity eliminates the need for trailing cables – meaning no trip hazards
• Can be easily integrated into any manufacturing environment
• Connects staff to essential information while on the move


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Procart from Pronov8 Technologies

Whatever your workers need, our team can provide bespoke workstations to maximise their efficiency – thanks to their modular design, numerous features can be integrated with a minimum of fuss. Choose from single or multiple screens (with twin-screening applications for greater convenience), real-time access to data on the move, and wireless connectivity to reduce risky Ethernet cables trailing across busy work-spaces.

Our workstations also allow for seamless access to MES, ERP, EBR, SOP, SAP, CAMSTAR, WERUM, and ORACLE operations whenever and wherever needed: workers can
view and interact with the data they need whilst on the go. The ergonomic, modular design means we can also create workstations to the specific physical needs of all staff.

Scanning barcodes, printing labels & documentation, checking inventories, and much more can all be performed at any spot within the working environment, reducing the
limitations fixed workstations typically impose: staff no longer need to run back and forth to their terminals – now they can simply wheel their computers from one area to
another, ensuring the data and applications they need are never away from their side.


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