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Wireless Cargo Monitor

The Samsara Cargo Monitor is a data-logging sensor that can be deployed in any type of enclosed container to provide visibility into the presence or absence of cargo.

Wirelessly monitor cargo

With precise sensors and an easy-to-install design, Samsara Cargo Monitor provides powerful visibility and improved security to track the absence or presence of cargo in containers without any complicated wiring or cables.

Improve security & dock operations

Detect when cargo is loaded or unloaded in order to increase security and dock operations. Multiple sensors can be deployed in the same trailer for greater visibility into multiple trailer zones or cargo areas.

Durable waterproof design

IP67-rated weatherproofing protects against splashes, spray, dust, and environmental wear-and-tear – ideal for refrigerated trailers subject to moisture and power-washing. The design is as durable as it is sleek, with exceptional resilience to impact.

Class-leading electronics with multi-year battery life

The Cargo Monitor transmits data to Samsara IOT Gateways every 10 minutes, giving operators important sensor data over the web and alerts when cargo status changes. The Cargo Sensor runs for 4-5 years off of a single AA battery.

Scales from small operations to thousands of assets

Compact, affordable, and easy-to-use, Samsara Cargo Monitors can quickly bring visibility to both small and large operations thanks to scalable cloud infrastructure and enterprise-grade security.


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