Pronov8 is a world class, global, technology solutions company formed by Engineers with extensive experience working in blue chip manufacturing and utility services industry
To complement our software solutions we have launched Pronov8direct.com to provide mobility technology hardware solutions
We have implemented technology supply chains across Europe, US & Asia
Field Ops Paperless Process
Dell Server Factory Poland
We work with the highest quality designers and manufacturers
We supply at competitive prices by sourcing from the best supply chain
Devonport Warship Refit
Designed & Installed by Pronov8 Eng
We have strong global relationships built from years of partnership building

Pronov8 Management Team have over 25 years experience in manufacturing, Retail and Healthcare throughout Ireland and internationally. We have managed global accounts with worldwide deployments for companies such as Pfizer, Dell, HP, Michelin and Kerry Group. With customer service, seamless delivery and support being the core of our ongoing success. We understand the fundamentals of People – Process – Technology

Having worked with many global manufacturing companies, our operational improvements allow our clients to benefit from reduced production costs and improved operational efficiency. Our Engineering leadership team previously designed, installed and operated Dell’s and HP’s global manufacturing infrastructure and processes

We have vast industry knowledge across all industry sectors in the areas of Data Capture such as Rugged Mobile Computing, Barcode, RFID, IoT, IIOT, AI, Digital twin and Immersive Technologies

We build a vision for our clients, start with a proof of concept and scale solutions quickly to deliver maximum results
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We use IoT devices to collect real-time data linked to our apps and ERP solutions for effective decision making. We have partnered with industry leaders in IoT technology to provide devices such as GPS & RFID tracking, fleet solutions, temperature control and factory operations solutions


To support service teams in tough environments such as factory floors and field operations. Pronov8 have designed a range of windows & android devices ranging from 5.5” to 12”. With our mobile apps & Oracle-NetSuite partnership we provide a one-stop-shop for digital transformation


At the forefront of our solutions are high quality data with flexibility and mobility. The Pronov8 SmartCart complements our offerings. The ergonomic, modular design means we can customise workstations to meet your exact needs if you require technology on the move